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15 Apr 2010

bird 03

"Hey you! … Yeah you! … the one reading this now! How are you? I hope good and blessed in all aspects of life. Before you read any further, stop and look at my picture again. Do I look like someone you could become friends with? Well, I really hope you said yes, because I’m an easy-going, down-to-earth, open-minded, “lovable puppy” in search of what I cherish – genuine friendships that last a lifetime. I’m patient and a good listener, but also like to be heard at times. I have a good sense of humor, so nothing much offends me, unless family is involved. I’ve been away in the dog house since the age of 17. I made a few mistakes at a younger age and had to learn the hard way. I am ready to enjoy life now. My hard times are soon to be my good times."

In Search Of: Friends

2 Mar 2010

bird 02

"My eyes are blue, my hair is brown and wavy. Currently, I possess all of my teeth. I shower regularly and am without fleas or ticks - always a plus. I’ve always been vaccinated and am housebroken. Hard to believe but true. Easy going and slow to anger, that’s me."

In Search Of: Females

1 Feb 2010

bird 01


"I'll be 45 Christmas. I was born in Texas, Irish decent, brown hair, blue eyes, 195 lbs. I've been incarcerated 16 years, the last 8 on death row. 
With each year I seem to be losing parts of me I need the most. In the beginning the loss didn't seem so much, I felt like I was able to adapt rather than change, now I'm changing. My sense of humor and easy going ways are being replaced with a cold and hardened heart. Maybe it's inevitable or maybe I just need someone to help me keep a grip. I'm reaching out hoping to find someone willing to reach in. I'm not seeking romance nor a fair weather friend, I need someone solid."

In Search Of: Females