15 Nov 2008

I've received a request from Admiral Lord Roger Smith. He's archiving the life and crimes of KLF. 'Had I any evidence?' Roger once met Nico in a hotel bar and asked if he could borrow her pen. In a dulcet germane tone she replied 'yes but don't push the nib too hard'. Now he was asking a favour of me, so I started digging. I first met Jimmy Cauty (the musically inclined half of KLF) in the early 80's when we shared a squat in South London in - that’s me holding the flash. The only other stuff I have is a set of images of an ‘action’ I shot after their last gig at the Barbican, 1997. Primed with ladders, paint and rollers we scaled the east face of the South Bank. I took photographs as Jimmy and Bill Drummond daubed '1997 What the Fuck’s Going On' on the side of the hallowed wall.

 Shortly after, Bill asked if I could take a box of tapes shot at the gig and cut them together. The sublimely quixotic gig was a legendary moment in danger of becoming myth. On the night the MTV live feed didn’t give a sense of the occasion. Piecing together disparate takes, shot live and in rehearsals, had its challenges.I’ve turned on the radio and Bill’s plugging his choral project ‘The 17’. Ok, I’m on it!