15 Aug 2008

 It has been months of scanning, editing, grading, retouching, resizing, converting, cataloguing, filing and uploading. At long last the new site is finished. Kai Davenport, a keyboard murdering programming genius has created a system that allows me to be in control of everything. We’ve decided on the familiar format of the computer desktop as the interface - everyone knows how to navigate their computer. Slide shows, clipboards, print sales, downloads and choice of backgrounds set it apart. One mental hurdle to overcome was how to price my prints - to put a value on my work. I’m hoping that I can create an income out of my archive to fund my personal projects. My prints should be as affordable as possible, so I’ve decided to offer a choice of Open, as well as Limited edition prints. What’s the difference? Limited editions are restricted in run sizes, are signed, embossed and come with a certificate of authentication. Open Edition (OE) prints are embossed but aren't signed or restricted in number. The price I’ve set is more generous than any of the competition. At 20” x16” the images are larger than just about every OE print out there, and they are printed on archival photographic paper. 

 Site finished - it’s on to stage 2 - publicity. The Edinburgh Festival is upon us, a captive audience on our doorstep. I’ve designed two leaflets and within 48 hours of emailing the order we we’re in possession of 10,000 A3 flyers. Before we can distribute them they have to be folded- individually! Once done, they were thrust into the hands of every unsuspecting tourist, dropped off at every venue, bar, gallery, newspaper and magazine. This continued for two weeks. Statistics show that this campaign had limited effect. Approximately one in 8 leaflets resulted in a hit on the site. Lessons have been learnt and appropriate changes are underfoot.
In another attempt to gain publicity I’ve asked 3 collaborators to write a catchy line for my press releases. Thanks to Carlos Acosta. Diqui James (Fuerzabruta) and Javier De Frutos.