18 Dec 2008

 Winter has been stalking for some time and now it's making it's presence felt.

These snaps were taken on a sub-zero afternoon in St.Petersburg. Prize pooches, Laica and Sputnik, protected from the elements by their bespoke space suits, were paraded with obtuse pride to an numbed audience of destitute and homeless. This is the culture of dog couture where conspicuous avarice is a symbol of social pedigree.


Reprieve came in the guise of a wee snowman standing defiantly on an island of retreating ice. He gifted a sublime respite from the drudgery of the cold and, for a moment, all was well.

13 Dec 2008


The only place to shoot was at the back of a Portacabin. The front half was being used for costume changes and there were no alternative locations. It was the last night of Fuerzabruta's run at the Edinburgh Festival and my last opportunity to take photographs. On stage the performers danced a catatonic frenzy reminiscent of an entranced congregation at a Santeria party. The dance was the Murga, precursor of the Tango.

In between shots I took the opportunity to document the Murga on my digital compact- hence the scratchy quality.

11 Dec 2008


Some of you may have noticed that the website has changed. After a 4 month trial of the old site a change in tack was needed. The site was inherently impeded by it's dependency on Java script. The advantage of a site programmed in Java is functionality- slideshows, clipboards etc. The major disadvantage is that the images contained within the site are not visible to search engines. To rectify this Kai has reprogrammed the site in HTML. The new site still contains all the previous images and videos (use the search facility to find them). Try this, add the name of the subject you want to view to the end of the url eg. www.gavinevans.com/tricky, this will bring up all of the images of Tricky. One important addition to the new site is this blog. Please link the site wherever possible, thanks.